After Sales Service – Repair

Our skills and expertise

For more than 30 years MySAV has been active across Europe, working in the field of repairing all kinds of high-tech equipment for the general public and professionals.

Our teams, regularly trained in the latest technical innovations, are known for their expertise and experience.

Our facilities

The products to be repaired have an increasingly advanced level of technological sophistication.

To meet its customers’ needs, MySAV is continuously investing in cutting-edge equipment and tools that are costly but essential for quality work.

Our repairs and adjustments thus meet the specifications and compliance requirements imposed by manufacturers, but also the expectations of distributors and end-users.

The types of products we repair

We deal mainly with 5 product types :

– Photo and video equipment : Canon and Sony

– Printing equipment : DNP

– Sound equipment : JBL, Harman/kardon, Audio-Technica…

– Air treatment equipment : Air&me, Stadler Form, Stylies…

– Mobility equipment : Xiaomi, Ocean Drive, Niu, Navee, Red Bull.

But our area of expertise extends to all electrical and electronic products on the market.

They trust us